Chatham Community Band

The CHATHAM COMMUNITY BAND –  A proud musical tradition serving the community for 35 years!

We would like to thank our audience members for their continued support.  Due to the current Pandemic,we have suspended all rehearsals and performances for 2020.  It is our hope to resume in the Spring of 2021.  Be safe and be well.

Brian Conti
Music Director


The Chatham Community Band embodies the tradition of the community band in American culture. We provide benefit to the community through performance, education, entertainment, and social action. We offer an enriching and educational experience for musicians of all abilities who have an interest in the joy of making music. Through our concerts we reach out to a broad range of audiences, many of whom cannot afford to pay for live entertainment or who, because of age or disability, cannot attend other conventional performances. We celebrate our 34th Anniversary this season and look forward to many more years of bringing music to our community.

Browse through our pages to learn more about the band, its ensembles,  our latest news, listen to some selctions from the band and it’s ensembles, and find out about our upcoming concerts.